Young-il Education System Co., Ltd.
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Company History
Feb 1997
Establishment of Youngil Corp.
Manufacturing and supplying for Education and training equipments
Exclusive Agent with UK brand name as TQ, LJ and Bytronics
Exclusive Agent with Australia's EMONA
Mar 1998
Exclusive agent with Switzerland's technology SA
Oct 1999
Change the name of company to YES01 (Youngil Education Systems Co., Ltd.)
Jun 1999
Distributor with Pico Technology Limited
Feb 2001
Development of CDMA type communication training system
Oct 2002
Development of Fiber Optics type training system
Dec 2003
Development of Telecommunication Simulation software type training system
Feb 2004
Exclusive Agent with USA'‘s Intelitek
Jun 2004
Development of PLC based Ubiquitous Apparatus
Jul 2005
Development of Mechanics Engineering Heat Fluid Experiment
Apparatus as Medium and small enterprises agency
Apr 2006
Moving head office as Digital venture tower
Nov 2007
Development of RFID/USN Training equipment
Dec 2007
Exclusive Agent with UK's FeedBack company
Dec 2007
Establishment of Research & Development Center
Jan 2008
Establishment of Factory registration
Mar 2008
Exclusive Agent with Canada's Quanser company
Jun 2008
Acquisition of INNO-BIZ certification for technical innovation oriented business
Jul 2008
Increasing the capital to USD200K (Total USD400K)
Jul 2009
Acquisition of Venture Company for KIBO
Jul 2009
Registration of trade business by Korea International Trade Association
Oct 2009
Extension of 2'nd factory in Kyonggi Province, production of Automotive Training Equipment
Jan 2010
Registration at Korea scientific Instruments Industry Cooperative
Jun 2010
ISO9001 Certification
Dec 2010